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Introducing Crypter

The Social Network
for Crypto Enthusiasts

The first social media platform for crypto to launch the revolutionary Engage-to-Earn reward system. Enjoy $BUSD rewards while holding $CRYPT tokens.
Contract: 0xda6802bbec06ab447a68294a63de47ed4506acaa





Nobody likes scams and Rug Pulls. Here at Crypter, we ensure that featured projects are all completely legitimate, as their ads must undergo a vetting process; this way, we can eliminate promotions of scam projects, so nobody has to suffer the consequences. Our goal is to establish a community where everyone looks out for each other, while users who are
sharing scam projects will be banned permanently.


Engage to Earn

Crypter is the first project to launch the revolutionary Engage-to-Earn system that rewards members who engage with their friends and with the community; imagine getting paid for every like, post, comment you make on your Crypter profile. will become

In our efforts to bring the Crypter network to the masses, and elevate trust within our community, we are thrilled to announce the purchase of the domain for $18,000 and the for $5,000.

We truly believe that these domains will provide a sense of safety, assurance and recognition not just for the Crypter community, but for anyone who is looking to join Crypter’s journey towards becoming the #1 crypto network.

Our Ecosystem

Note: this Ad Network will only be tracking clicks and impressions, no other data will be tracked from users

Social Network

A Facebook-like platform for crypto enthusiasts. Share your gains and losses, flex your NFTs, or create private groups & chat with your crypto friends: Crypter is the place to do it all. Some dapps will also be integrated on this platform, all built via Moralis: a Rewards Tracker, the Crypter DEX, a
Fiat to Crypto solution, and many more

Email Service

Everyone can make their own email: a perfect solution for all those whitelisting contests. Get this as a dedicated email for all your crypto needs, but avoid using it for personal matters. Selected members of the community will be able to create emails soon; more information on the process will follow.

Chain Quest

Introducing Chain Quest, a fighting game similar to Tekken, where characters are based on other crypto projects, like Safemoon, Shiba Inu, FEG, etc. Ideally, to unlock these game characters, you will need the native token of the character and some CRYPT tokens. This is not only a great
way to create utility for other tokens, but also a great utility for CRYPT itself.

Imagine a platform like geared towards crypto users: a free and easy-to-use tool that can help even crypto projects without a website to promote their ideas quickly. will be the perfect place to house all those social media links, PCS link, chart links, BSCscan link, contest links, and all one could possibly need.

Contest Platform

Our Contest Platform will be one similar to and SweepWidget, but will be used solely for Crypto related contests. Moreover, this platform will also serve as a venue for users to look for new and promising projects.

Crypter Search

A search engine built just to crawl on Reddit, Medium, Youtube and other crypto related websites. You can quickly search for new and upcoming projects just by entering any keyword in the search bar.

Portfolio Tracker

Crypter’s Portfolio Tracker provides a simple overview of the current value of your DeFi cryptocurrency tokens in one location. You can access all the data you need to make informed decisions and get the most out of your trades; possibly even share your gains and losses with your friends, if you wish.

Crypter Marketplace

This will essentially be an online marketplace, where CRYPT or any other token can be used as payment. The development of Crypter Pay will be a major part of this project: Crypter Pay will become a payment processor that can be used on Wordpress and Shopify sites.

Crypter Wallet

The development of our own wallet will start early next year. This will have features unique to Crypter: an NFT tracker, a P2P service, and many more. A physical debit card connected to this wallet is also an option that is currently being evaluated.

Merch & NFTs

We are thrilled to announce that we will have our own merchandise soon! Free shirts will be given away to our community, and Crypter Art Toys action figures will be available next year. These will have an NFT version
too, so there will be both a physical and a digital version of the items.

Crypter Voice

Crypter Voice will be an app similar to Clubhouse: a social network based on voice where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. Users can not only talk about their new project discoveries, but also mention and discuss their own projects.

Crypter University

A section (or separate platform) on the social media platform, where we will have tutorials ranging from the how-tos of looking for new projects to tips on how to spot a good project and where to find such unpolished gems. Additionally, since security is one of our key values, some tutorials will also cover the basic security measures one must take to avoid scams.


8% BUSD Rewards

8% of all transactions goes to the rewards pool which is then distributed among CRYPT holders. Right now, the contract sells for 30B Crypt Tokens, but it’s important to note that this number changes based on market conditions.

3% Marketing & Dev

3% of the transactions are used to fund the marketing activities and development of the project. We aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to where these funds are allocated: invoices and receipts are regularly posted in our Telegram group.

4% Buy Back
& Burn

4% of the transactions are used to buy back Crypt Tokens. The repurchased tokens will be burnt. The first two team tokens that will be unlocked: 12.5T Crypt Tokens that are vested on PinkSale will be sent to the burn address.

The Team Behind Crypter

This will be updated soon as we expand the team.

Nick Ballesteros


I have been involved with the crypto scene since the early days of Bitcoin. I am a web and graphic designer by trade, and I’ve been freelancing for more than 10 years now. My works are all over the internet: everything from contest sites to global digital marketing forums. Before becoming a designer, I used to do a lot of SEO work, too. During my years of working as a freelancer, I had the chance to work with countless agencies worldwide, developing a significant personal network in the design and development field. My latest work revolves around Amazon, I was appointed as the lead designer for a multi-million dollar Amazon store that was recently acquired.




Logo Design
Website Design
Telegram Creation
Twitter Creation
Smart Contract Creation
Beta Platform
Start of Marketing



Hiring Moderators
Reddit & Twitter Campaign
Mobile App Development
CG and CMC Listing
Poocoin Ads
.com and .io Acquisition
Flooz Partnership
Dubai Blockchain Expo
NY Billboards
More Press Releases
Rewards Tracker
Crypter Email
Crypter Merch
ChainQuest Demo
Crypter Search



Expand Dev and Design Team
Dapp Integration on Social Media Platform
Development on the Ad Platform
Web3 Login for Existing Platforms
Development of Crypter Wallet
Development of Crypter Voice
Development of Marketplace Revamp
ChainQuest Beta
Development of Contest Platform


Crypter is more than just a social network. A part of our mission is to provide tools that can help everyone with their daily crypto life, this is why multiple platforms and even a game are in development, commissioned by Crypter. Once released, holding CRYPT tokens will be required to use the above mentioned products and services. But that’s not all: when all these platforms are live and fully developed, Crypter will also launch an Ad Network (similar to Google Ads and Facebook Ads) from which all income generated will go towards the rewards for holders and funding the development of the project.

Cryptocurrencies: why are they such a good investment?

A lucrative investment can come in shapes you wouldn’t expect. Owning and trading cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular types of investment in recent times. The outstanding profits and the totally unexpected raise in value made everyone curious about what is the Cryptocurrency market. People around the world are becoming more and more interested in these digital currencies as they give them not only amazing profit but also freedom from government authority and control. Such ideas increased the desire for owning and exchanging Crypto, and as a result a lot of people are looking for the next Bitcoin, or the next Safemoon.

What is cryptocurrency?

As the name suggests, cryptocurrency is virtual, digital currency. You can’t hold cryptocurrency in your hand or physically hand it over to someone else, they only exist online in a place called the Blockchain. There are several types of Blockchains, all serve for different purposes and have different characteristics. The premise of cryptocurrency is using a server to save all the data that relates to any transaction of the currency. There are no governments or banks involved in the process, this keeps the anonymity and privacy of everyone safe and well protected. At the moment the only country that uses crypto as a currency ( Bitcoin to be more specific ) is El Salvador, so the majority of the investors in the world hold crypto for the long term ideal of mass adoption and/or day trading, some of them try to become millionaires by holding cryptocurrencies they deem to have the potential to become the next Shiba Inu or the next Safemoon. Although, there are indeed some crypto currencies that can be used currently as payment in several platforms and online shops. If you visit our Social Media Platform for Crypto, you can get more information.

Why are cryptocurrencies so attractive?

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have gained alot of attention during the recent years. A big part of this popularity is because people can invest in them very easily. You don’t have to do extensive paperwork with a bank or stock market exchanges to invest in such currencies. Also, there are no unfair and inflated fees like the ones that banks charge. The fees you would need to pay are minimal, just for the servers to keep working and in some cases to help funding the development and advancement of Blockchain technology.

Any crypto transaction can be done smoothly and practically in no time. You won’t be tied to the usual work days or business hours. Also, investing in one digital currency won’t stop you from investing in a couple more, or any that you might be interested in. The idea of our Social Media Platform for Crypto, is to help you discover and understand all these great investment opportunities.

What are the benefits of investing in Crypto?

You can be your own boss:

Cryptocurrencies could be the perfect option if you seek ultimate financial freedom and control over your assets. You can access your investment and take necessary actions anytime without paperwork or bureaucratic hassle, you only need the knowledge on how or when to do it. You will be able to keep track of news and know-how by visiting and browsing our Social Media Platform for Crypto.

It has a long term vision:

Cryptocurrencies have the unprecedented potential of becoming real life currency, like it has already happened in El Salvador. This makes Crypto an incredibly valuable, long term investment, despite the short term volatility it may be subject to. And by looking at the value of cryptocurrency investments back in 2013 and comparing it to the current value, you can see the incredible leap they have taken already. Reports show that the value back then didn’t exceed 1.6 billion U.S dollars, while last year the value exceeded 1.4 trillion U.S dollars.

Your money will not be affected by inflation

Usual cash is pretty subject to inflation, as the value of any currency will become lower and lower as money is being printed every second. This can never happen with digital currency, in fact it is the opposite. The CRYPT token even has a system that makes the currency deflationary, making the total supply decrease and raising the intrinsic value over time. This makes holding our Crypter Token a very good choice as a long term investment.

And now after knowing all this, what are you waiting for? It is time for our Engage to Earn system to shine, mixing the best of the Crypto world with the best of Social Media


Social Media Platform for Crypto | Next Shiba Inu | Next Safemoon

Crypter is a hyper deflationary token with great utility. Social media platform for Crypto with the potential to be the next Shiba Inu or Next Safemoon.