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Crypter V2 Preview

Here's some screen preview of how the Crypter V2 will look like. Please note that this is not the final version as changes might still be needed during the course of development.


Email for yourcrypto needs.

Get your own email. Perfect for whitelisting competition or anything that is crypto related. An alternative email service if you don't want to use your personal email on crypto related websites that requires an email.

a platform similar to linktree

Connect with your Crypto Audience

An alternative to geared towards crypto users. Share all your links with your own custom link. Grab your username now while it's still available. This service is free to use and will forever be free.

Next Generation play to earn game

Chain Quest Fighting Game

A fighting game similar to Tekken and Street Fighter will be the first game to launch under Chain Quest. There will be two more games that will follow after the final release of the fighting game. A demo of the fighting game is currently available for download at

The simplest way to buy CRYPTER TOKEN

We partnered with Flooz to enable users who wants to buy CRYPT using their credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Simply connect your wallet and pay using your preferred payment method.

Contract Address:


Audited by CertiK

CertiK KYC is designed to de-anonymize blockchain and Web3 project teams and create greater accountability through a rigorous vetting process of project owners.​

Security Score

Frequently Asked Questions.

The development of the new and improved social media platform for Crypter is still under development. It's about 85% complete as of the moment. The development took longer than expected. This was decided for better optimization and compatibility with other tools that we are going to use for Crypter. Sadly the current version of Crypter prevents us to expand our platform. So we decided to just rebuild everything from the ground up.

The new tax will be:

3% BUSD Rewards

1% Marketing

1% Buy back and burn

Yes, Chain Quest will launch as a separate project under Crypter. The fighting game will be the first to launch under Chain Quest. There will be other games after the first one, we are planning two more games. The same characters will be used on other games. All Crypter holders will be given priority on the upcoming private sale for Chain Quest. There's no specific date yet for this. There will be a couple of VCs who will be joining the seed round for Chain Quest. Crypter holders will be the first to participate then the VCs before we open it to the public.

We will start ramping up again our marketing efforts as soon as the first version of the v2 is out already. We are expecting a live version to be out this month. When Crypter V2, the email app and are out, we will be more aggressive in our marketing campaigns. Once the volume starts picking up, we will then proceed with CEX listings.

Crypter holds ownership of the smart contract and ownership will not be renounced. Renouncing contract ownership limits our ability to implement necessary changes and upgrades without an entire contract migration. There are a lot of things we have to anticipate and adapt to as the space continues to change.

The Crypter contract is audited by Certik and Bitrise with issues and bugs fixed. Other issues will be resolved to ensure the security for our token holders.

There are multiple ways to purchase Crypter tokens


Pancakeswap or Poocoin

🟢 Crypter Contract Address: 0xDa6802BbEC06Ab447A68294A63DE47eD4506ACAA


How to buy with CrypterSwap ❓

Just Send the amount of $BNB SmartChain to the address. $BNB SmartChain only.

🟢 CrypterSwap Address: 0x20CeB7e449114b5b2ADD98675Ed8E19Ab40DB432

There is no contract migration planned for Crypter as of the moment. The V2 being discussed is for the Social Media Platform. But it is something that could happen in the future in case we really need to do it, for example if some features are needed which cannot be supported by the current contract.

To check your BUSD rewards from holding your Crypter Tokens, visit

Previously you could stake through ( Deposit $GOLD ( to earn $CRYPT has ended and CRYPT-CRYPT was disabled due to a feature in the contract that does not support staking.

Maybe soon with new partnerships, we will implement new staking for Crypter.

First 2 team tockens unlocked have been burned as promised to our token holders. As for the remaining tokens, in the event that tokens are needed for any specified purpose, they will be used but it will always be announced. When there is no immediate need for the tokens, this will just be re-locked.

V1 of the Crypter Social Media platform was previously up on google playstore. Another application will be submitted once V2 is completed. IOS application will also be worked on once V2 goes live.

Initial timeline for E2E is 6months post launch upon the unlock of the reserved tokens or E2E Rewards, but this will have to be pushed back as team is still working on the integration of the rewards system within the platform. Wallet for E2E will be re-locked while rewards system is not yet implemented.

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