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Chain Quest game updates

Here’s some videos of the current developments.

User authentication is being worked on. On the demo version we will have users sign up using an email. Later down the road we will either add a web3 login or have the option for users to connect their wallet on the user settings. There will be an offline mode for users who just wants to try the game. Texts on the UI will be updated.

Creating a room for multiplayer gameplay.

Lobby, here you can search for available rooms you can join.

Chat with online users, chat with your clan mates, add friends and join clans. This is not the final UI yet it will still be updated but currently this is in working state already.

There will be some form of test currency already on this demo (not yet integrated on the blockchain) to test how the game mechanics will work and if the economy will be self-sustaining. We are expecting to have the multiplayer demo available this week.

Next update on the demo will be the addition of a training mode. There will be a leaderboard as well, this will be used on ranking players and for the upcoming tournaments that will be held.

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