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Crypter-Recap: the latest news and updates about the next Shiba Inu hype

Change is the only constant in the world of Crypter, the project that many call the ‘next Shiba Inu’ and the ‘next Safemoon’ in terms of growth potential. In this article, we’ll update you on Crpyter’s recent achievements and major
milestones, so stay tuned.

Crypter’s vision

The social network for crypto enthusiasts is aiming high, and in this case, actions speak for themselves: a massive campaign has been launched recently, and it is far from over. Striving to become the Facebook of the crypto community, Crypter has the potential to become the next SHIB or SAFEMOON. Let’s take a look at the latest achievements.

Crypter x Dubai Blockchain Economy Expo

Crypter Next Shiba Inu

Crypter is part of the Blockchain Economy Expo held in Dubai. The event is the first of its kind, a focal point of the crypto world, featuring respected keynote speakers, such as Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy, along with Max Lurya, Tone Vays, and many others. Being represented on an occasion of this magnitude is not only an honour, but also a sign of recognition: Crypter exhibits among the top of the industry for a good reason.

New York meets Crypter

Spreading the message and raising awareness are crucial parts of any project’s life, and Crypter’s case is no different; except that it’s taken to the next level. The fact that viral adoption is the ultimate goal is not hidden, and what shows this better than a full-sized placement on one of the world’s most famous billboards in New York city (NY). Being displayed in of the most popular and highly esteemed cities worldwide, Crypter is seen by hundreds of thousands of people every single day: and this is just the beginning.

Crypter Next Safemoon

The next Shiba Inu?

The latest crypto-hype surrounding Shiba Inu (SHIB) unfolded in a matter of weeks, and escalated really quickly, and while many profited from the run, the real winners were those who got in early enough. Crypter shares all the characteristics with SHIB that make it the perfect potential next crypto hype, but that’s not all: with numerous use cases proven to be successful among users (social networking, gaming, e-learning, and many more), Crypter is not only set for potential fast growth, but also a possible long-term value. The revolutionary Engage-to-Earn reward system is one of the many unique points of the network, where users have the chance to get paid just by liking, commenting, and participating in crypter communities. The system is working: $2M+ has been paid out in BUSD to date, and counting. & are here

An important milestone has just been completed: is now, while is! Safety and trust are parts of Crypter’s core values, and with the new domains fully operational, a big step is taken towards elevating these two principles to world-class levels.

Thank you for being part of the Crypter Community, where every crypto enthusiast has a voice.

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