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What’s going on with Crypter?

Is the project dead?

First of all, the project is not dead. We understand that many people wanted Nick to be available at least once a day on Telegram to provide updates. Unfortunately, unlike before, he can’t do it at the moment. There have been many personal matters he is busy with; read his last messages on Telegram. The mods we are paying before are too expensive, so we decided to cut some of them because we feel that at this stage of the project, the premium we are spending on these mods isn’t worth it, unlike before. We do hire a couple of new mods, and we will add more in the coming days and weeks. Why not get members of the community to be a mod? We did this during the early days of the project. It didn’t serve the community very well as some of them are taking advantage of their role as a mod, maybe getting updates first or pushing their agendas for their benefit.

What’s the latest update on V2?

As of the moment the team is focusing on having a usable platform with the launchpad ready as soon as possible. We can’t give yet an exact date on when it will happen. There will be a separate post on development updates with more details on the platform’s status, what is being worked on, previous pages we are working on, etc.

Team tokens and E2E wallet

Any wallet the will be unlocked in the coming days or weeks will just be relocked. This has been the case ever since. So there’s really no reason to worry about these wallets. They will only remain unlocked once we have a use for them already.

Chain Quest updates

The plan for Chain Quest remains the same; there has been some delay on the website as Nick is the one who is going to make the website like before. The next update on the demo will feature the multiplayer option. There is no definite yet for the release of the updated demo.

New Trailer for Chain Quest

When will be the next AMA

We can’t give an exact date for this, but as soon as there is one, Karem and the mods will post it one week before the scheduled AMA.

Updates on collaborations

We are starting to get in touch we different projects to partner with. The first one will be a partnership with SpyWolf, a crypto auditing firm. The plan is for them to be the official third party auditing firm for our launchpad. We will do our own Audit and KYC for all projects on our launchpad. We are still in talks with them to finalize everything. As soon as this is final, we will be posting it on Telegram and Twitter.

We also started getting in touch with different projects to have their official pages on Crypter and have them verified.

The future for Crypter

The team believes that Crypter can bridge the gap between WEB2 and WEB3. It just takes time to develop something that is not yet on the market. The team would like to thank everyone who is still with us, especially those who have supported the project since the beginning.

Watch out for the next post for more details on our platforms’ progress.

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